The construction management approach utilized by U.S. Construction Corp.
(USCC) oversees the entire building process on behalf of the client and
becomes a partner in the process. In our experience, an effective CM works
with the architect and the engineers during the design phase, offering
value-engineering ideas on an ongoing basis. All decisions relative to the
building program are made with the benefit of input from both a
construction manager and an architect, providing a system of checks and
balances that would otherwise not be present.

From inception to occupancy, USCC is the go-to company for full range
construction services. We combine equal amounts of construction
management,traditional general construction services, and creativity.
Taking on projects in this manner allows us to maintain competitiveness,
versatility, and control all the while keeping current with building trends.

The general contracting method is a traditional method of construction
that USCC has utilized since 1977. This method is recommended for
owners with a permit set of drawings who are ready to mobilize
construction. Acting as general contractor, we assume full responsibility
for completing a construction project, on time and within the specified

Our success with clientele stems directly from our relationship with our
professional project managers and field superintendents, who make
each project their own. With USCC as your general contractor, you will
personally experience the kind of collaboration and cooperation that make
each project a rewarding one.

In the Design-Build approach, USCC acts as the single point of contact
and manages the architect and engineers on your behalf. Our clients
choose the design-build approach because of our ability to develop a
cohesive team and manage the process from beginning to end. This
method is recommended when cost and schedule are the most important

This approach requires innovation, creativity, organization, and time-honored
construction management traditions. Taking this route when building is
often the most economical and places the design and construction aspects
of a project within one central company. U.S. Construction Corp. offers this
service along with a qualified team of architects, engineers, and key
subcontractors chosen to best suit a client’s need for design, construction,
quality, cost and timeline. Because we work directly with design professionals
to ensure feasibility, this system avoids many unforeseen costs and allows
construction to move faster.

“You can make more money, you can’t make more time”,
Rafael Reyes, USCC President, has been heard to say on occasion.

Clients are discovering that the best way to avoid claims and budget overruns
is to hire a general contractor at an early stage of design; even before the
design consultants have been identified and hired. Initiating preconstruction
services early on in a project creates a profitable team relationship where
benefits highly outweigh costs. When teaming with USCC for preconstruction
needs, clients are impressed by the intricate knowledge and experience we
have in regards to coordinating successful projects. As a majority of construction
decisions are made within the initial design phase, USCC understands how critical
the preconstruction phase is to ensuring we maximize your construction dollar.
Taking advantage of these services will result in fewer change orders which
equates to the project staying on schedule and within budget.